The brand new Cheetah C150

Our brand new Cheetah C150 is now shipping!
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How to update your C150

Updating your Cheetah C150 from your Windows computer is easy! Just log in to the Member’s area, go to C150 updates and click to download and install the required update.
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Part exchange your C50 for our clever new C150

We will be happy to offer a trade-in value of £30 | $30 | €30 for your C50 when upgrading to a new C150.
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Speed Camera Detector, Cheetah GPS Detector

Welcome to Cheetah. Cheetah GPS Detectors including Red Light and Speed Camera Detector Units

Our original Cheetah red light and speed camera detector units came with next generation voice alerts for 65 different safety camera scenarios (a world first), plus directional intelligence for better alerts in cities and less false alarms, combined with a GPS speedo/compass display, the Cheetah red light and speed camera detector units made quality camera protection truly affordable. Nothing else alerts like a Cheetah!

Cheetah C150 GPS Detector

Our fantastic new C150 GPS speed and red light camera detector is packed full with tons of exciting new features. We believe the C150 coupled with our Trinity 2.0 database sets the new benchmark for consumer GPS camera detectors.

The C150 is designed to be as customisable as possible. Users can completely tailor each component of the audio output to their own requirements. Each constituent chime can be configured to meet the individual user’s expectations.

We’ve been busy behind the scenes too. We’ve updated and improved our multi-point false alert filtering and also added a brand new layer of “effective distance” false alert filtering. But most importantly, we’ve greatly improved our intelligent multi directional alert ability and introduced a massive number of new alert descriptions to maximise on our unique Trinity 2.0 database with nano alerts.

With 1400 possible alert voice combinations, the C150 knows what to say and when to say it.

Original Cheetah C50 GPS Detector

The Cheetah C50 GPS detector is a very compact and easy to use red light and speed camera detector which we consider to be one of the best money saving, defensive items a driver can own.

The Cheetah C50 GPS detector comes pre-loaded with 1000’s of safety camera locations, including red light cameras and fixed position speed cameras. With a Cheetah red light and speed camera detector you will never again need to worry about the local speed trap or driving too fast in a high risk area.