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PLEASE NOTE: This product is no longer available to purchase. This page is intended as reference for existing cusomers.

Blinder M27

PLEASE NOTE: This product is no longer available to purchase. This page is intended as reference for existing cusomers.

The Blinder M27 X-Treme is a multipurpose laser system offering both laser Parking Assist and Laser Protection.

There are three factors that are important to protecting drivers against laser speed measuring devices:

  • A highly effective detection and jamming system that can detect and protect against the many different laser guns in most conditions without showing a jamming code on the laser gun or speed camera.
  • Internet updateable software for that makes it easy to stay protected with updated jamming software. Visit the download page here.
  • New parking sensor feature that make using of the Blinder M27 legal in countries that impose a laser jammer ban.


Speeding WARNING!
BLINDER International do not advocate exceeding the legal speed limit, and shall not be held responsible for any injuries that could occur due to improper installation or usage of the product.

Do not look directly into the BLINDER M27 / M47 with the naked eye at close range. You won’t see anything, but you might cause eye damage after prolonged exposure as the BLINDER M27 / M47 emits high-power infra red (IR) light, which is not visible to the human eye.

Blinder M27 dimensions


 Blinder M27 Features


Blinder M27 Laser Jamming and Parking Sensor Features
Multi-function System (user can easily select modes: parking sensor or garage door opener/jamming mode by a new 3-postion switch)
2 x Transponder Heads = front protection for mid sized saloons. Larger 4 x 4s should use 4 transponder heads (ie 2 systems).
The most powerful platform to date, based on a new central CPU that controls user settings, software updates, synchronization of all transponders and communications.
Improved detection and jamming function from updated hardware & software.
User programmable functions via your PC with the Blinder Update Software. Change system settings like start-up tone, auto shut-down after selected jamming period and more.
Free software upgrades from the web site (including e-mail service)
NEW Improved laser jamming efficiency
NEW Improved laser/lidar detector sensors
Blinder  M27 Box contents
Box Contents box contents
2 x Blinder M27 X-TREME transponder heads with 5m cable length
2 x Mounting brackets sets including spirit level to ensure accurate fitting
1 x Control box (updateable)
1 x Alert buzzer with status LED
1 x Wiring loom with in-line fuse
1 x User manual
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