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PLEASE NOTE: This product is no longer available to purchase. This page is intended as reference for existing cusomers.

 What does the VizAlert Original do?


Another world first from Cheetah! The VizAlert is a wireless visual display system for your motorcycle helmet, that lets you know exactly what your radar detector is doing, without looking down. Its a heads-up display that lets you use your existing radar detector much more effectively on your bike and it can make the difference between avoiding tickets and getting them!

The VizAlert is the most advanced radar detector display for motorcycles in the world.

VizAlert tells you what type of radar is being detected. Its the only heads up display system with a 6 color LED display that gives different color alerts for all the different radar and laser bands.

VizAlert tells you how close to the speed trap you are. Its the only heads up display that flashes more quickly as the signal strength gets stronger. With slow, medium and fast flash rates, the visual alerts ramp up, just like your detector does.

Wireless technology means there are no annoying cables attaching you to the bike. And its waterproof, so if you get caught in the rain, you wont have to replace the display like you do with other systems. We made it battery powered and motion sensitive so there are no switches where water can leak in. The display switches on when you pick up your helmet and shuts off after 10 minutes of no motion.

VizAlert has automatic dimming. Its the only one with a daylight sensor so you wont light up like a Christmas tree at night.

VizAlert fits every style of helmet. For Sportsbike use, mount it vertical on the back of your full-face or flip-face helmet. The LED display is easily mounted inside the helmet, between cheek pads and the helmet skin, to provide discreet alerts in your peripheral vision.

For open face or cruiser style helmets, an optional boom arm is included to hold the heads up display in your forward vision. It looks exactly like the microphone of a communications system.

Installtion is quick and easy, even if youve never done something like this before. Your radar detector is installed at the front of your bike. Then the Wireless Transmitter is simply plugged into your radar detector and then placed under your seat. Power comes from our intelligent engine running sensor, the POWERnode, which you attach directly to the battery terminals. This clever little gizmo automatically powers up your radar detector when you start up the engine, and shuts it down when you stop, so there are no flat batteries. Theres no difficult hardwiring so you dont have to interfere with your bikes electrical system, risking your bikes warranty.

The VizAlert is available for the Valentine 1, Beltronics STi Driver, Escort 8500 X50, or the Beltronics RX65. If you prefer a concealed detector installed underneath your fairing, we also make VizAlerts for some remote radar systems like the Escort SR7 series or the best selling European motorcycle detector, the Target Evo 966RM.

The Cheetah VizAlert is also the only motorcycle helmet display that works with laser jammers. So if you think you might add a laser defence system at some point in the future, VizAlert keeps your options open. We make optional extra Laser Jammer Interfaces for all the leading laser defence systems: Blinder, Laser Interceptor, AntiLaser, Laser Pro Park and Escort Shifter ZR4.

So, if you ever wanted to use your radar detector on a bike, now theres a new way you can stop missing alerts, and start missing tickets!

 What radar detectors does the VizAlert work with?


A radar detector is not included with the VizAlert product. Please note that we do not make RDIs for every detector on the market, only the good ones you see here. If a model is not listed, there is currently no VizAlert for it - although other models are in development. VizAlerts are specific to each make and model of detector.

  * If you use a Valentine 1 with a Valentine Concealed Display or Valentine Remote Audio Adapter, then you must purchase the "VizAlert for V1 + remote display" because it includes an extra component, the Cheetah V1 Adapter, which enables these remote Valentine displays to function properly.

** In late 2008 Beltronics changed the way the audio alert tones ramped up on the STi Driver. Therefore Cheetah has two different RDIs for this detector and you must specify which version of the STi Driver you have; The old one (pre-2008 ramp up fix) or the new one (post-2008 ramp up fix). If you have recently bought the STi Driver, please order the new "post-2008" version. If you are unsure please contact us.

*** It must be the Target 966RM (a version of the 966R modified for motorcycles). If you have the the Target EVO 966R car version, the Beltronics 975 or the Beltronics Vector LR, Cheetah or your local Cheetah importer can make a small modification to those detectors to make them compatible with our RDI. Please contact us for more details.

 VizAlert Features


The only heads up display system that works with radar detectors and laser jammers
100% waterproof helmet receiver
Discreet visual warning for all types of radar/laser alert
6 color LED display - different colors for different threats
Variable flash rates for signal strength
Daylight sensitive – automatic dimming at night
Motion sensitive – powers up when you move your helmet
Automatic shut-down after 10 minutes of no motion
Wireless - no cables attaching you to the bike
Battery powered – 80+ hours (up to 3 months riding)
Use with full-face or flip-face helmets
Boom support arm for open-face or cruiser helmets
Contoured base plate fits nearly all brands of helmet
UNIQUE - Intelligent power supply fits directly to your battery - detector turns on when the bike starts
Easy "Plug & Go" self instal - no messing with bike's electrics, risking your bike’s warranty
Works with high end radar detectors
Wireless transmitter simply plugs into your radar detector and is kept under your seat
UNIQUE - Works with all the best laser jammers - requires optional Laser Jammer Interface
 VizAlert Box Contents


1 x VizAlert wireless helmet display
2 x CR2032 cell batteries
1 x Allen key to unlock battery cover
1 x 3M double sided, self adhesive fixing pad
1 x RADARnode wireless transmitter
1 x RDI software card (specific to your make and model of radar detector)
1 x RDI connector cable (plugs into your radar detector)
1 x POWERnode engine running sensor
1 x Connector cable (POWERnode to RADARnode)
1 x Fuse pack
1 x User manual












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