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GPS Camera Locator - Cheetah C50

Helps you to drive safe and ticket free

The Cheetah C50 GPS camera locator warns you in advance about speed camera locations and high risk accident zones.

Using the C50 GPS camera locator will make you more aware of your speed, your surroundings and approaching road hazards. You'll know where to watch out for red light runners or drivers slamming on their brakes unexpectedly. And if you are distracted for any reason (mobile phone, kids, changing radio stations, etc) the safety alerts will focus your attention back onto the road when you need it most.

65 Camera Alerts - Trinity 2.0 Enhanced Database

C50 voice alerts are amazing! It’s the only GPS camera locator in the world that can tell you not only what kind of camera is coming up but also if the camera is on the motorway, the dual carriageway, the motorway exit, a side road, the city street, in the tunnel, after the end of the tunnel, on the flyover, in the school zone, in the construction zone or near the bridge ahead.

Most competing devices just beep at you. If they do have a voice, it's usually only 3 or 4 alerts. The revolutionary Cheetah C50 GPS camera locator is the world’s first GPS CamBuster to include nano alerts! It uses the industry leading Trinity 2.0 Enhanced Database to provide 65 unique camera alerts, giving drivers more detailed and useful camera information than any other detector on the market.

Spoken voice alerts + SpeedTone Intelligence, not just beeps

C50 alerts are clear, concise spoken voice alerts, so you know instantly what type of hazard you are approaching. The C50 just talks to you - much better than other products which only go beep!

SpeedTone Intelligence means that the C50 only ever beeps when you really need to slow down to avoid a ticket! During speed camera alerts, the C50 plays extra warning tones whenever you are faster than the posted speed limit. They get more urgent as you get closer to the camera and if you drop back below the PSL, the tones immediately stop.

Directional Intelligence = Less false alarms in cities and on motorways

The C50 GPS camera locator is intelligent. It only alerts you when you need to now about an approaching hazard. Camera alerts are directional, which is huge benefit in cities with a number of cameras. The C50 only alerts to cameras that are a threat in your direction of travel. This means fewer false alarms than "radius alerting" devices (GPS, radar detectors, competitor products).

You won't be annoyed by false alarms for cameras on the other side of the motorway! Or bothered by cameras that are several city blocks away covering a different direction!

Directional Intelligence = Multi-direction alerts

The C50 is not just directional, it’s multi-directional. It can give different alerts when you approach a location from different directions.

For example, red light cameras often have warning signs placed on all 4 approach roads, but the cameras usually only ticket drivers in 1 or 2 of the directions (called camera approaches). In User mode 1, where it knows which directions are genuinely being covered, the C50 gives a full camera alert for the "enforced" approaches and a different safety message for the “non-enforced” approaches. The alerts for "non-enforced" approaches can be switched off at the touch of a button by changing User Modes.

At "Speed-on-Green" red light camera intersections, the C50 GPS camera locator will tell you it’s different from a normal red-light camera, so you won’t even consider speeding up to beat the yellow. It will tell you the speed limit and can even let you know if there are different posted speed limits being enforced on each of the approach roads. That is critical information in Speed-on-Green areas.

3 User Modes - One touch selection

There are 3 User Modes:

All cameras, mobile traps and safety alerts
Speed and red-light cameras
Speed cameras only

Selecting User Modes is as easy as pressing a button. Swapping modes will cut out alerts that you don't want to hear by changing the categories of alert that are enabled or disabled.

In User Mode 1, the C50 GPS camera locator will alert to a red light camera intersection from all directions. Selecting User Mode 2 or 3 switches off the alerts for any “non-enforced” approaches,
so that the C50 only alerts to the genuine ticket directions. That makes the C50 much quieter to use than other products in cities with lots of enforcement cameras. And in User Mode 3, the alerts for standard red light cameras are also switched off.

5 speed reminders - Set real enforcement thresholds

Most other GPS camera locators let users set a speed reminder beep to alert drivers whenever they exceed their chosen speed limit, but they usually only let you set one limit and it's always rounded down to the nearest 10mph or 5mph.

Once again, Cheetah takes this feature to the next level and makes it more useful for drivers. On the C50 you have the option to store up to 5 separate speed reminders. You can set them on the detector whilst driving or using the Cheetah Software Tool. There's no rounding down either. You can set reminders, in increments of 1mph, for real enforcement thresholds like 9mph or 11mph over posted speed limits to ensure you don't find yourself accidentally drifting into the ticket zones.

Trinity Database covers all cameras

The C50 GPS camera locator alerts to all types of photo enforcement camera including:

Speed cameras
Red light cameras
Speed-on-green red light cameras
Point-to-point average speed cameras
Well known camera van locations
Well known speed trap sites
Accident zones & dangerous intersections

Thanks to the world's largest and most accurate speed camera database, Trinity, you're covered against cameras from Redflex, ATS, Nestor, LaserCraft, Gatso, ACS, Redspeed, Traffipax, TruVelo, SPECS Peek, Robot, Sensys, Watchman, Speedcurb and many more.

Trinity Verification means less false alerts

Other products, sat nav downloads and some competitor devices rely on user generated content (also known as "crowd sourced" data). They are plagued by hundreds of false alarms, caused by users mistakenly reporting traffic cameras as red light camera s.

Trinity is 100% verified by Cheetah’s in-house professional database team, so there are far less false positive alerts.

Adding new cameras - 2 Membership Packages

The Trinity 2.0 enhanced database for is pre-loaded for your region, so the C50 is ready to use straight out of the box. We have a selection of regions available, which can be seen on the order page.

You can manually enter up to 100 locations for your own personal safety reminders (e.g. new cameras, speed traps, etc).

Alternatively, there are 2 Membership Packages available for unlimited database updates through the Internet:

Gold Membership - includes 3 years of unlimited camera updates and a standard 1 year warranty.

Platinum Membership - includes Lifetime updates, 3 years warranty cover and free camera databases for other regions when you travel abroad.

Both Membership Packages also include the Cheetah Software Tool for camera updates and enabling extra features on the detector, as well as priority email support and a newsletter. Unlike some other products, everything you need to update your C50 is supplied. There is no need to purchase a separate power supply unit for inside your house because the C50 GPS camera locator takes the power it needs for updates from your PCs USB socket.

Cheetah Software Tool (Members only)

The Cheetah Software Tool* lets you perform quick and easy camera updates as often as you like - 24/7/365. (*requires membership package).

It also lets you customize some extra features. You can:

Set the warning distance for 15, 20, 25 or 30 seconds based on the speed of your vehicle.
Set a fixed warning distance of 650 yards / 600 metres.
Enable the GPS Atomic Clock feature and adjust your local time zone.
Add, change or remove up to 5 speed reminder settings.
Swap speed measurement units from English (mph) to Metric (km/h).
Export personal locations as a .CSV file for sharing or use in other applications, like Google Earth.

The $99 CamBuster with $400 features

If you forget to download new cameras for a while, the C50 will remind you as part of the start-up sequence when it's been longer than one month since your last update. There's an earphone socket to let you use the C50 with headphones on a motorcycle or connect it to your car stereo for camera alerts through your car audio speakers.

For the full list of features, scroll further down this page. For further information on how any of these features work, please consult the Owner's Manual, which can be downloaded from the link at the top of this page.

 How do you update the memory?


There are two methods of adding new locations into the Cheetah C50. If your State has few cameras or few changes, you can mark your own personal locations. If you are in an area with a lot of cameras or where camera numbers are growing, or you intend to drive outside your normal area or are travelling to another country, we recommend you purchase a membership package for unlimited database updates via the Internet.


EURO priceSterling price
Dollar price
  EURO priceSterling price
Dollar price
Gold Membership includes: Platinum Membership includes:

3 years Trinity Database updates - unlimited

User Software Tool for downloads, changing settings and managing personal locations

Email Support


Standard 1 year Manufacturer's warranty


Lifetime Trinity Database updates - unlimited

User Software Tool for downloads, changing settings and managing personal locations

Email Support


3 years full warranty cover (standard 1 year Manufacturer's warranty plus 2 years extended warranty cover)

Free camera updates for other regions



 C50 Features


Plug & go, ready to go straight out of the box
State of the art - voice, tone and visual alerts for:
    Fixed speed cameras
    Red light cameras
    Speed-on-Green red light cameras
    Point-to-Point speed cameras (Average speed cameras, SPECS, etc)
    Known camera van locations
    Speed trap sites
    High risk accident zones (Accident blackspots)
Preloaded with your region's cameras - North America, Europe or Australasia
Three User Modes let you switch off alerts you don't want to hear:
    All cameras, mobile traps and safety alerts
    Red-light cameras and speed cameras only
    Red-light cameras and speed cameras only
Trinity 2.0 Enhanced Alerts - 65 unique spoken voice alerts for more useful, accurate camera info
Helpful sound effects at start of alerts for instant recognition - "Camera click" for locations that will issue tickets - Triple beep for safety alerts
Speed limit announcements during camera alerts
Extra warning tones only when exceeding the speed limit during speed camera alerts - urgency automatically increases in close proximity to the camera
Confirmation chime at end of alert sequence
Directional alerts - fewer false alarms than "radius alert" devices (GPS, radar detectors, etc)
No false alarms for speed cameras on the other side of the freeway
Switch off alerts for the "non-enforced" directions at camera intersections for a quieter ride (where the enforcement directions are recorded in the Trinity database)
Automatic reminders to update memory - after one month since last update
Mark/delete up to 100 personal locations - one-touch
Add/delete your own personal speed reminders - 5 "Overspeed Alert" settings
GPS speedometer display
8 point compass display
Internal GPS antenna - fast start up time requiring only 3 satellites to start working
Remote antenna socket - for cars with Athermic windshields or non-standard installations
Rotary volume control
Earphone socket - for motorcycle use, connection to car stereos, etc
Demonstration mode
User Software Tool (only with Membership Package)
USB database downloads via PC and the internet - unlimited 24/7 access for updates in your region
Adustable warning distances by time or distance
(15, 20, 25 and 30 seconds or a set distance of 650 yards / 600 metres)
Manage your 100 personal locations and share with others - export locations in .CSV files
 C50 Box Contents and Accessories
Box Contents Accessories Available
1 x Cheetah C50 GPS Detector
1 x Magnetic Puck
1 x Power Cord
1 x Download Cable
2 x Cable Tidies
1 x Instruction Manual
  C50 database updates

C50 vehicle power cord
C50 hardwire power socket
C50 extra download cable
C50 magnetic mount for 2nd car
C50 extra long GPS antenna

C50 Voice - German
C50 Voice - UK English
C50 Voice - US English
C50 Voice - US Spanish


Trinity database coverage

North America
United States

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic
Northern Ireland

Middle East

New Zealand




C50 voices
UK English



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