PLEASE NOTE: This product is no longer available to purchase. This page is intended as reference for existing cusomers.


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Not sure how to hardwire an accessory in your engine bay or on your bike? Scared about getting the wrong wires? Want to swap remote accessories quickly and easily between vehicles? This is the answer you have been looking for!

 I'm not an expert - where do I even start hardwiring?

It's becoming harder and harder on modern cars and bikes to find a suitable circuit in the engine compartment from which to tap into a safe power supply. Most of us are understandably scared of interfering with our car or bike's electrical system.

The POWER SENSE SWITCH means you don't have to worry any more! Originally designed for installing products like wireless remote radar detectors, the POWER SENSE SWITCH can be used as a power supply for virtually any 12V car or motorcycle accessory that is rated up to 3 Amps.

 It's quick and easy and anyone can do it.

Just connect the POWER SENSE SWITCH to your car or motorcycle battery's terminals for an instant ignition switched power supply. You don't even need to remove the terminal connectors - just loosen the nuts slightly, slide in the spade connectors and re-tighten. Job done! No messy hardwiring - no drained batteries from badly fitted accessories.

 What a clever little gizmo!

This power sensing switch works by sensing activity in the battery when you start your engine. It only allows power to pass when the engine is running. It will then automatically cut the power when your engine stops.

Smooth start - there's a 3 second delay before passing power to your accessories to avoid excess drain on the battery when starting the engine

Please note it will not function on hybrid vehicles that do not use a standard battery.


19.99 pounds inc VAT