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Valentine One - software version 3.891 and lower
Beltronics STi Driver (Post 2008 ramp-up fix)
Beltronics STi Driver (Pre 2008 ramp-up fix)
Escort Passport 8500 X50
Escort SR7 / SR7 Plus
Escort Passport SRX
Bel Vector LR
Bel 975
Target 966RM
Target 966R (modified)

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PLEASE NOTE: This product is no longer available to purchase. This page is intended as reference for existing cusomers.

 What does this product do?


What's the biggest complaint you have about your existing radar detector?

No. 1 for most people is false alarms. Radar detectors will always pick up other signals on the same frequency as police radar. Convenience stores, gas stations, mall car parks; it's the automatic doors that are the main culprits. In town, a radar detector can go off so often and be so annoying that you tend to ignore alerts — until those flashing lights fill the rearview mirror.

Using a Cheetah Radar Detector Interface (or RDI for short) to wirelessly link your existing radar detector with the Cheetah GPSmirror, or Cheetah C100 speed camera detector, makes using your detector in town a quieter and much less stressful experience, thanks to Cheetah's unique False Alarm Suppression Technology.

Essentially, the RDI turns your own radar detector into a radar sensor for your Cheetah GPS detector, so that two products from different manufacturers can work as one complete, integrated system. You get the best of both worlds - a quieter detector whose performance you already know and trust (and dare we say love!) enhanced with voice alerts, false alarm suppression features and class leading GPS alerts for photo enforcement cameras and well known trap sites.

Installing the RDI couldn't be easier. Simply plug it into a compatible detector and power it using your existing detector's own power cord. You will no longer hear the voice and tone alerts of your radar detector because the RDI plugs into the headphone socket (except on the Valentine 1 where the volume control is still operational). The visual display on your radar detector will still perform exactly as normal.

When your radar detector alerts, the Cheetah GPSmirror or C100 will instantly provide a voice alert to identify the radar / laser band and a warning tone. There is no delay in receiving the alerts. There are different warning tones for each radar / laser band. There is also a discreet visual display for secondary confirmation.

Cheetah detectors have a range of user adjustable features to help silence most of those annoying false alarms. They enable you leave your radar detector on its maximum sensitivity and use the Cheetah GPS detector to quieten down it's alerts. For example, the Audible Alert Speed feature lets you program a speed limit threshold for radar detector alerts, e.g. 35mph. Drive slower and radar alerts are automatically muted, drive faster and you hear them again. It's so simple, it's revolutionary. You can disable individual radar bands in the Cheetah's memory. You can mute radar alerts, or swap between Voice Only Alerts or Voice + Tone Alerts at the touch of button.

Finally, because the RDI links wirelessly with your Cheetah, it can make it much easier to instal remote detectors in your engine bay, or even be creative with stealthy installations of traditional windshield mounted detectors.

 What radar detectors does the Cheetah RDI work with?


A radar detector is not included and the RDI does not detect radar signals. To display RDI alerts, you must also have a Cheetah GPSmirror or C100 (not the C50). Please note that we do not make RDIs for every detector on the market, only the good ones you see here. If a model is not listed, there is currently no RDI for it - although other models are in development. RDIs are specific to each make and model of detector and are not transferable.



* If you use a Valentine 1 with a Valentine Concealed Display or Valentine Remote Audio Adapter, then you must purchase the "RDI for V1 + remote display" because it includes an extra component, the Cheetah V1 Adapter, which enables these remote Valentine displays to work properly.


Compatible Radar Detectors

Compatible sytems are listed at the top right of this page.

** In late 2008 Beltronics changed the way the audio alert tones ramped up on the STi Driver. Therefore Cheetah has two different RDIs for this detector and you must specify which version of the STi Driver you have; The old one (pre-2008 ramp up fix) or the new one (post-2008 ramp up fix). If you have recently bought the STi Driver, please order the new "post-2008" version. If you are unsure please contact us.

*** It must be the Target 966RM (a version of the 966R modified for motorcycles). If you have the the Target EVO 966R car version, the Beltronics 975 or the Beltronics Vector LR, Cheetah or your local Cheetah importer can make a small modification to those detectors to make them compatible with our RDI. Please contact us for more details.


 GPSmirror/C100 Features for radar detector alerts


Centralized alerts - radad detector alerts are relayed through the Cheetah GPS detector using our warning tones, voice announcements and visual display
5 LED display for discreet visual alerts / wireless link confirmation
Voice alerts announce the radar band being picked up
Unique tone alerts for the different radar/laser bands
Tone alerts ramp-up in 5 stages as signal strength increases
Confirmation "chirp" at end of radar alert
Mute button for radar alerts - one touch
FALSE ALARM SUPPRESSION - Adjustable "Audible Alert Speed" setting - choose the speed limit below which detector alerts are automatically muted, e.g. 35mph. Great for eliminating low speed alarms in town or mall car parks, etc. - Automatic override for serious alerts (KA band and laser)
RADAR BAND SELECTION - enable or disable bands from alerting via the GPS detector
"Voice Only" alerts or "Voice Plus Tone" alerts - one touch
Proprietory wireless datalink means no extra cables running to your Cheetah detector.
 RDI Box Contents
Box Contents  

1 x Wireless transmitter - the RADARnode
1 x RDI software card (specific to your make and model of radar detector)
1 x RDI connector cable (plugs into your radar detector)
1 x User manual

Easy "Plug and Go" installation.
The RADARnode wireless transmitter is powered by your existing radar detector's power cord








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