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PLEASE NOTE: This product is no longer available to purchase. This page is intended as reference for existing cusomers.

 What does this product do?


Using a Cheetah laser Jammer Interface (or LJI for short) to wirelessly link your laser jammer with the Cheetah GPSmirror, or Cheetah C100 speed camera detector, makes two products from different manufacturers work as one complete system. Essentially, the LJI turns your own laser jammer into an integrated part of your Cheetah GPS detector.

It can be retro-fitted to existing jammer installations inside your car. Alternatively, because it's a wireless system, it can be used to make installing a new jammer much faster and easier by doing a complete wireless installation in the engine bay. The two hardest parts of any jammer instal (especially if you are new to car electrics) are getting cables through your car's firewall and finding a safe place to take power from your car's electrical system. Cheetah's LJI gets rid of both those problems, saving you time and money (and a few scraped knuckles.)

The wireless solution makes it perfect for installing jammers in leased vehicles as it leaves no trace of an instal. It also makes it easier to swap your jammer between cars.

Installing the LJI couldn't be easier. The kit is supplied completely pre-connected. Simply attach our fuse pack directly to the car battery terminals and connect the other end to your jammer's control box, which can be housed in the supplied weatherproof enclosure if required.

Your jammer system will automatically power up whenever you start your engine. A wireless link symbol will show on your Cheetah display to show that the two products are communicating via Cheetah's proprietory Laser Datalink.

When your laser jammer alerts, the Cheetah GPSmirror or C100 will instantly provide a voice alert and a warning tone. There is no delay in receiving the alert. You can program your Cheetah detector to say "Laser" or "Diffuser" for jammer alerts using the menu system. Your Cheetah will also distinguish parking sensor alerts from real jamming, by inserting a small pause in between each alert cycle.

A wireless keyfob kill switch is supplied to switch off the jammer instantly when required.

The Cheetah LJI doesn't change the performance of your jammer in any way. On a simple level, all it's doing is replacing you jammer's original piezo buzzer to give you the alerts in a different way - wirelessly through your Cheetah GPS detector.

 What laser jammers does the Cheetah LJI work with?


To display LJI alerts, you must also have a Cheetah GPSmirror or C100 (not the C50). Alternatively, if you don't have a Cheetah GPS detector, you can purchase our Wireless Fitting Kit, which has it's own tiny in-car warning unit. Please note that we do not make LJIs for every jammer system on the market, only the good ones you see here. LJIs are specific to each make of jammer. Other Laser Jammer Interfaces are available on request for some other laser jammer systems, including Lidatek LE30, Laser Defender and Laser Star.

Compatible Laser Jammer Systems

Compatible sytems are listed at the top right of this page.

Laser Interceptor voice alerts identifying individual laser guns by name are not suppported. Cheetah GPS detectors use their own voice alert and alert tones for jammer / parking sensor alerts.


 GPSmirror/C100 Features for laser jammer alerts


Centralized alerts - laser jammer alerts are relayed through the Cheetah GPS detector using our warning tones, voice announcements and visual display
LED display for discreet visual alerts / wireless link confirmation
Voice alerts announce the when the laser jammer is firing
Programmable voice alert - "Laser" or "Diffuser"
Parking sensor alerts have a small pause between alert cycles to distinguish from real jamming
Wireless keyfob kill switch
POWERnode intelligent engine running sensor for easy, safe power direct from your car's battery
Proprietory wireless datalink means no extra cables running to your Cheetah detector.
 LJI Box Contents
Box Contents  

1 x LASERnode (wireless transmitter)
1 x LJI connector cable (plugs into your laser jammer control box)
1 x POWERnode (intelligent "engine running" sensor)
1 x Fuse pack (for direct connection to the battery terminals)
1 x STEALTHnode (remote control switch)
2 x Keyfob wireless kill switches
1 x User manual

A laser jammer is not included and the Cheetah LJI itself does not interfere with laser signals.







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