PLEASE NOTE: This product is no longer available to purchase. This page is intended as reference for existing cusomers.

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No thanks, I only need an Interface today (-54.99 pounds)
V2 (internal display)

Select your Radar Detector Interface:
Not available

Select your Laser Jammer Interface:
No thanks, I don't need one
Blinder HP-905 (+69.99 pounds)
Blinder M27 / M47 (+69.99 pounds)
Blinder M25 / M45 (+69.99 pounds)
Laser Pro Park (+69.99 pounds)
Anti Laser G8 (+69.99 pounds)
Anti Laser G9 RX (+69.99 pounds)
Laser Interceptor (+69.99 pounds)
Laser Defender (+69.99 pounds)
Laser Star (+69.99 pounds)
Lidatek LE30 (+69.99 pounds)

VizAlert V2 display with radar and laser interfaces

55.00 pounds inc VAT