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Valentine One - software version 3.891 and lower
Beltronics STi Driver (Post 2008 ramp-up fix)
Beltronics STi Driver (Pre 2008 ramp-up fix)
Escort Passport 8500 X50
Escort SR7 / SR7 Plus
Escort Passport SRX
Bel Vector LR
Bel 975
Target 966RM
Target 966R (modified)

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PLEASE NOTE: This product is no longer available to purchase. This page is intended as reference for existing cusomers.

 What does this product do?


If you've already bought a Cheetah M27 laser jammer for your motorcycle, and you want to be able to see the alerts from your radar detector on the M27's VizAlert display, this is the product you need to buy.

The Cheetah Radar Detector Interface (or RDI for short) is a wireless transmitter that plugs into your radar detector and wirelessly links it with the VizAlert helmet display. It uses a Y-splitter to connect to the POWERnode engine running sensor from the M27 system to supply power to your radar detector, through the RADARnode transmitter. Installing the RDI couldn't be easier. The kit is supplied pre-connected.

When your radar detector alerts, the VizAlert will instantly provide a visual alert that you can't miss. The 6 color LED display tells you what band your detector is picking up. Different speeds of flashing tell you the signal strength and as you get closer to the radar source, the flash rate increases. There is no delay in receiving the alerts.

It’s an invaluable tool for helping you use radar detectors and laser jammers more effectively on your ride. Now you can stop missing alerts, and start missing tickets!

 What radar detectors does the M27 RDI work with?


The VizAlert does not detect radar signals and a radar detector is not included. Please note that we do not make RDIs for every detector on the market, only the good ones you see listed at the top of this page. If a model is not listed, there is currently no RDI for it. RDIs are specific to each make and model of detector and you can't use any of the listed RDIs for a different detector that is not supported.


* If you use a Valentine 1 with a Valentine Concealed Display or Valentine Remote Audio Adapter, then you must purchase the "M27 RDI for V1 + remote display" because it includes an extra component, the Cheetah V1 Adapter, which enables these remote Valentine displays to work properly.

This is available to purchase by following this link.

** In late 2008 Beltronics changed the way the audio alert tones ramped up on the STi Driver. Therefore Cheetah has two different RDIs for this detector and you must specify which version of the STi Driver you have; The old one (pre-2008 ramp up fix) or the new one (post-2008 ramp up fix). If you have recently bought the STi Driver, please order the new "post-2008" version. If you are unsure please contact us.

*** It must be the Target 966RM (a version of the 966R modified for motorcycles). If you have the the Target EVO 966R car version, the Beltronics 975 or the Beltronics Vector LR, Cheetah or your local Cheetah importer can make a small modification to those detectors to make them compatible with our RDI. Please contact us for more details.



M27 RDI Box Contents
Box Contents  

1 x RADARnode wireless transmitter
1 x RDI software card (specific to your make and model of radar detector)
1 x RDI connector cable (plugs into your radar detector)
1 x Y-splitter cable (plugs into the POWERnode from the M27 Rider system
1 x Connector cable (POWERnode to RADARnode)
1 x User manual

Easy "Plug and Go" installation.
The RADARnode wireless transmitter is powered by the existing M27 cabling for an easy installation.