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Enhanced driver safety

No matter how carefully we drive, it's very easy for anyone to have occasional lapses in concentration that could result in a fine and points or even worse, an accident. The new Cheetah GPSmirror is a hazard locator, designed to protect you, as well as your livelihood and your licence by making you more aware of your speed, your surroundings and approaching hazards.

Voice alerts in advance for dangerous intersections/accident zones

Advance warning of accident blackspots and high risk zones can help you stay focussed and can greatly enhance road safety. Your GPSmirror gives out visual, spoken and audible safety alerts to notify you of approaching cameras or hazards in your direction of travel, giving you time to refocus, concentrate and plan ahead. There are 8 different GPS advisory safety warnings and 10 different camera warnings. Voice alerts identify the hazard type, and the digital display gives you a distance countdown to the hazard's location.

Covers all types of safety cameras

Your GPSmirror's memory can store up to 120,000 locations. It contains the GPS co-ordinates of the dangerous intersections and roads with accident histories where red-light or speed cameras are used. It alerts you to all types of Fixed Speed Cameras, Red Light Cameras and Average Speed Speed Cameras (GATSO, Truvelo, SPECS, Traffiphot, Redspeed, Redflex, ACS, ATS, Nestor, etc) as well as other known accident blackspots and common mobile speed trap sites. The warnings for common mobile sites can be turned off.

Some of the fixed camera systems that Cheetah's GPSmirror can detect - for info on individual cameras, see our camera guide.

Store your own personal warning locations

In addition to all the red light cameras and speed cameras that you download from the database, the GPSmirror will let you store up to 100 personal locations in its memory. The next time that you approach that location you will receive 200 metres/yards warning.

If you are using this to mark the location of speed trap sites we recommend that you make your entry at the corner before the trap location. Please visit the speed trap section of this website for further information about using GPS for mobile speed trap sites. More

Helps you to become more aware of your speed

The GPS speedo accurately displays your current speed from behind the mirror glass. Advisory speed limits when you are approaching a camera let you easily compare your own speed to the posted speed limit at that location. There is also a useful Overspeed Reminder which you can use if you want to remind yourself whenever you drive faster than your chosen setting.

Helps eliminate blind spots and improve night vision

One of the first things you notice about our mirror is that it's slightly larger than most factory mirrors. This is partially for cosmetic reasons to fully cover most standard mirrors, but mostly for safety purposes.

The extra width allows us to use a special wide-angle mirror glass which greatly increases your rear vision and helps to eliminate blind spots on many cars. It also lets you keep an eye on any children in the back seat at the same time at the same time as monitoring traffic.

In side by side comparisons with factory fitted automatic dimming mirrors, 93% of customers prefer the specialized NIGHTblue anti-glare coating of the GPSmirror, reporting better night vision while not being dazzled.

Regular mirror at night

The wide-angle Cheetah GPSmirror with NIGHTblue Anti-Glare

Works at home or abroad and it's completely legal

All Cheetah GPS products use the Trinity speed camera database. For the full list of all the countries that are covered, please click here.

For all customers who purchase the GPSmirror during the introductory period there will no ongoing costs, subscription charges or download fees. Camera updates are done through the internet and your PC using a USB port.

Easy to use and easy to swap between cars

The spring-loaded adjustable clips make it easy to fit over 99% of factory mirrors on the market. The power cord can be hardwired or simply plugged into your car's cigar lighter socket. If you want to swap your Cheetah GPSmirror between two vehicles we recommend you purchase a second power cord to fit in the second vehicle. This makes it easy to swap over in seconds. Watch video.

"Fit and Forget" technology - hassle free

These days, leaving an auto accessory on display inside your car is often asking for trouble. Other systems normally have to be hidden from sight or removed every time you leave the vehicle to avoid attracting the attention of thieves. Cheetah's elegant design leaves your dashboard and windscreen clutter free and its discreet nature makes it almost unnoticeable from outside the vehicle, so many customers feel comfortable about leaving their mirror in place when they park.


Hit the "Rescue ME" button and our GPS co-ordinate announcement can be used to help emergency services or breakdown services identify your exact location.

The GPSmirror uses the latest SiRF star III chipset so you know it's going to be reliable, even in tricky urban canyon conditions where other systems may falter.

There is a useful driving compass display with an audio heading announcement feature. There's even a handy clock option that displays the exact time used by the GPS satellite network.