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Speed camera locator

GPS mirror is spot on

Finally... a camera locator that does away with cable clutter and doesn't need to be stuck to your windscreen! Meet the SpeedCheetah GPS Mirror Driver Safety System.

It simply clips over the rear view mirror, and can be adjusted via spring-loaded clamps. Fitting is relatively easy – all you have to do is position the power cable around the screen and door trim rubber, and into the cigar lighter.

Once the device locates a speed camera, warnings are provided by a series of beeps, and the mirror itself displays your speed, as well as the prevailing limit – the alerts stop when your speed drops below it. There is also an overspeed mode which lets you know if you are going faster than your pre-set limit. The mirror has an anti-glare coating, and the fact that it can be discreetly mounted means that it’s unlikely to attract the attention of thieves.

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Unit attaches easily to your existing rear view mirror