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The Cheetah GPSmirror is a speed camera & red-light camera detector that prevents tickets and helps keep you safe on the road.

Speed cameras and red-light cameras tend to be placed at dangerous intersections and accident blackspots. The GPSmirror comes preloaded with the locations of these enforcement cameras stored in its memory, and it warns you with a voice and visual reminder whenever you are approaching a camera. You can keep the mirror's memory up to date by downloading new camera locations from the Trinity database on You can also mark other locations for your own personal reminders.

For a limited period, all new customers will receive free camera updates for life.

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Regular mirror at night

The wide-angle Cheetah GPSmirror with NIGHTblue Anti-Glare

In the box

Box contents
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Detects all types of fixed speed camera and red light camera in the USA, Canada, Europe & Australia

Plug & Play - ready to use straight out of the box

Voice, tone & visual alerts identify approaching cameras

Directional camera alerts - 120,000 location memory

Advisory speed limit announcements

Autoranging - warning distances adjust with vehicle's speed

Free lifetime camera updates from Trinity Database (limited offer)

Overspeed Alert

Mark location feature

Clips over your own mirror in seconds - Watch Video

GPS speedometer display with discreet compass

GPS time clock

SiRF star III chipset for urban canyon performance

Wide angle mirror glass for blindspot reduction

NIGHTblue anti-glare for improved night vision

"Rescue ME" GPS co-ordinates announcement

Unique Optional Extra Features for Radar and Laser

False Alarm Suppression for radar detectors - Watch Video

Datalink Alert Center provides discreet visual alerts in mirror

Voice alerts for radar detectors - Voice only or voice & tone

Independent Band Control for radar detectors

Laser Datalink - relays wireless alerts from laser jammers


Did you know?

4 out of 5 red light violations happen within the first second a light is red.
More awareness prevents you being caught out by short yellow signals.

59% of red-light running is accidental.
Safety reminders re-focus your attention if you're distracted for any reason.

33% of red-light running is intentional.
Cameras are put where they are likely to catch red light runners. Advance reminders make you better prepared to watch out for reckless drivers, especially in strange cities.

Accidents are known to increase at camera intersections.
Camera alerts ensure you are better prepared to avoid a rear end collision when another motorist stamps on their brakes.

80% of auto accidents involve driver distraction.
Speed camera warnings help you pay attention on dangerous stretches of roads with an accident history, where speeding is allegedly so bad that speed cameras have to be installed.